Amazon Prime Review – Whole Foods Discount

September 20, 2018 By

Ok so I love shopping on Amazon. I do about a third of all of my shopping directly online. I signed up for Prime finally last year and so far I have to say that it’s amazing. I do most of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods so already my Prime membership has paid for itself through in-store purchases.

I have ordered several products which are delivered the next morning and some even same day. My best buy so far was an air purifier, I absolutely love it and it came the next day.

One observation I’ve made about Whole Foods after Amazon acquired them is that the inventory is pretty much the same every week. In they past you used to be able to find different items on the shelves almost weekly. Now it’s just the same products over and over again. Also there seems to be a very limited supply of organic citrus at the 2 stores I go to regularly.

Ok well anyways back to Prime. After paying for itself, I also watch all of my TV on a Roku so Prime Video has been pretty cool. I would say they rarely rotate out the material and nothing on there is really amazing. I prefer Netflix over Prime Video by far. However they do have some good titles if you haven’t watched them yet in their Amazon Originals category. Perhaps I just feel like my favorite genre, sci-fi, is lacking.

Prime Music is great although I prefer the iTunes app and Spotify app. The music selection is all there and having it included basically saves you from having to spend $10/month somewhere else.

Lastly I also have the Amazon Prime card and get 5% Cashback on eligible purchase so I can say that Prime definitely pays for itself.

I am in no way affiliated with Amazon Prime. Thanks for reading.